Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Tree

Well here it is - my new tree for the year. Many moons ago, I declared I wouldn't ever have a fake tree. Then we got new carpet, and the Christmas tree dripped sap all over it, and from then on we've had a FAKE tree. SO. I get these whims and become easily bored with the status quo, so every now & again we need a different tree, much to Darrel's chagrin. A few years ago, I just HAD to have a spiral tree, and it was really neat, but I grew disenchanted with it & sold it to my sister Connie. Then we had a tree with the lights already in it, and I bought new gold & red decorations for it. I DID use that tree at least 2 years. So this year, I noticed this marvelous tree at Hobby Lobby, it looks like it's covered with snow, ice, and red berries and pine cones. Just seeing it made me KNOW it was time for another change, but only if Darrel would consent to buy it, and then the previous tree would be purged to Cherie & family. So Darrel agreed, we got this new tree, he said it should last us at least ten years (!) however he said that about the last two and will forget about his remark in a couple of years. SO this tree is SO huge it couldn't even be placed in the designated spot. It is 64" at the base!! Lord love a duck and then some. So I've had to re-vamp the entire room. Here's the picture .... Rachel helped put it up, PLUS it needs NO decorations!!!!! Rachel also helped me stuff the turkey which she felt was somewhat gross, and she also helped me make the scalloped corn AND helped with dishes today about 3x!! Earlier today I made buns and also babysat Jay & Rachel & little Alliyah, who thankfully took a 1.5 hour nap!! Miracles do happen.


cherylan said...

Your tree is beautiful! We have a half tree that fits against the wall because our room is so narrow. Hopefully my helpers will be in the mood today!

Alesia said...

The tree is gorgeous! And how lucky were you to have someone to help with the dishes not once but THREE times!

Jillie said...

Love the tree. As a Black Hills girl I can't usually stand artificial trees, but saw one yesterday that I would love to have. It was bright RED. It would be fun for the classroom with candy ropes, etc.