Sunday, November 9, 2008

Frosty Sunday

It's a chilly and frosty day. Some of the frost has already blown off the trees, but I went out anyway to snap a shot of one of our Mountain Ash; there are still some leaves hanging onto that tree, and also some berries that the robins didn't finish during their ritual antics of inibriation - speaking of which, have you ever noticed how the robins enjoy those berries during late fall when the berries are obviously fermented? The birds fly & swoop SO low and almost hit and sometimes DO hit windows, usually to the detriment of their lives. Sometimes they are just stunned and after sitting with dazed looks and open beaks, fly away. We have about 4 dozen robins who partake in this autumn 'happening' every year. It's fun to watch....but the robins are gone now and none stayed. The last 3 or 4 winters, we've had one robin stay here, all alone, for the cold, hard winter.

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