Monday, December 8, 2008

Family On the WAY HOME

It is SNOWING outside, trillions of flakes are falling. Yesterday Darrel shoveled our place AND Jason & Jenelle's new place and today gets to start all over again. Saturday morning, Mike & Cherie, Rachel & Jay, winged their way to sunny Florida to help Jason & Jenelle move back to Minot!! They are all driving back with a big U Haul full of STUFF and of course Archie, J&J's high-energy dog. They should arrive here Wednesday evening, give or take a few hours. Jason is going to work for/with Darrel, selling State Farm Insurance. Jenelle will stay home for a while, expecting Gabriella, their first baby, end of Feb/early March. Jenelle is an audiologist and may, at some point, work part-time.

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AngelCatPainter said...

What a wonderful little piece of painting and calligraphy... makes me think of going around the world. And the story of the kids coming home just goes with it perfectly!