Monday, November 3, 2008

Petunias & Violets Thriving in ND in November

Here I am - at the encouragement and advice of an artist friend known as AngelCatPainter. It seems strange, as if I'm writing to myself. Today is November 3, 2008. This morning, I took pictures of still-blooming petunias and violets that live amongst the rocks between the house and deck - yesterday I even watered them since they haven't been watered in over a month. Remember, this is in North Dakota - thus, little thriving plants in rocks in NOVEMBER are a miracle.


uberlilies said...

lilies are nice year around...depending on who sends them to you:)
Redondo Beach, Ca.

Judith Greenwood said...

Hey Jude, this is awesome!!! You were busy today!!! I love the photo of violets--gorgeous colors and great composition. Welcome to blogging, now I will have to get busy to keep up with you :-) Thanks for the inspiration!
Later gator....

Ericksen's said...

Good Morning Aunt Judy,

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! They really are a testament to the miracles God provides daily; and so often I miss them. You started my day off wonderfully; I feel gratitude... and I am thankful for you!:)


Cat Lover said...

Hi Judy,

I'm new to this blogging stuff! I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I love the photos. Thanks for sharing with me.

Later, Karen :)