Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scarlett O'Hara

This is Scarlett O'Hara. She'll be 5 years in December, however I don't know which day in December, which means we must celebrate her birthday for the entire month. In April 2006, my niece was working at a pet store and an elderly gentleman brought in this little dog & with a tear in his eye said he just couldn't take care of her anymore. Missy said she would take the dog. A few days later, I met Scarlett at my sister Connie's house - she was dog-sitting for Missy's dogs...plural here, she had several dogs. I said 'who is this little dog? She looks just like Rhett' (Butler, my Yorkie I'd had for 12-1/2 years and he'd been gone for about 5 years already & I missed him) - so that evening, Missy called & asked whether I'd like this little dog....so I ended up with her and re-named her Scarlett, had her groomed, fixed, immunized, & had her baby teeth removed. Scarlett has helped me through the loss of my Mom in Feb. 2007, and my son Rich this past July. What would I ever have done without Scarlett!

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Cat Lover said...

Hey Judy,

What a precious picture of Scarlett!

Karen :)