Saturday, November 8, 2008

Geraniums in November

In early May, Rich gave me a planter full of flowers - my first planter of the season. He told me he chose it because one of the pansies in it wasn't perfect, it was kind of bent and the flower was hanging sideways. Usually I don't keep planters when summer's over, however since this one was from Rich, I brought it in and will try to help it live through winter. Yesterday the tiny little geranium was blooming!! What a spot of sunshine during a dreary and gray day. The geranium had all but died off by summer's end, but I carefully pruned it and leaves began to grow again. They are tiny little leaves, so it surprised me to see the bloom on it.
Today, Minot streets are covered in ice and ruts - it's treacherous out there, bumpy and slippery. Tom the Weatherman says we could have this ice for several more days.

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cherylan said...

Somehow I think Rich is smiling at you with the pink flowers.