Monday, December 15, 2008

Bohemian Waxwing

This little Bohemian Waxwing was hunkered down close to my window. I'd been watching him/her frolicking in the tree, snacking from the Mountain Ash berries and also the dried up Edelweiss grapes on our fence. My cousin Gloria called me from Minneapolis while I was bird-watching and I didn't want to say 'hey, I MUST go now & take a picture of this darling little bird' SO I took the picture while yakking to her. I took it through the dining room window so it has a frosty effect, but believe me, the weather outside IS frosty and oh so windy, with temperature of about -18 and who knows what the chill factor might be - for sure I would rather not know. BRRR.

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AngelCatPainter said...

What a ysterious atmospheric image, it's almost like a painting. I am having trouble imagining exactly how bad this ND (not yet)winter is starting out!! Next spring the farmers should be happy, if that is any consolation...

I am happy to see that your eye for beauty never falters, even under these extreme weather conditions.