Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Church

Instead of talking about the weather outside - which is frightful and purported to be the worst winter storm in 10 years, I wanted to post a picture of this delightful early Christmas gift from Cherie!! Rachel & I found this a couple days ago, but I decided against buying it for myself since I didn't really NEED it, so Cherie & Rachel together decided that I really DID need it. Is this not one of the most darling glass gingerbread houses you've ever seen in your entire live-long life?? I do have a history regarding gingerbread too - but that story is for another day.


Alesia said...

That is darling! I never would have guessed it was glass, I would have thought it was the real thing!
Please tell us the story about your history with gingerbread, there's so much snow there what else do you have to do? ;-)

AngelCatPainter said...

What a fabulous little gingerbread house!!! The nice part is it will last forever. No gobbling or snitching... Cherie and Rachel know what is best, always trust their judgment!!! :-)