Friday, February 27, 2009


I recently saw an article titled 'U.S. FDA Approves Drug Produced in Genetically-Engineered Goats.' Did I actually read the article? No, because the title is so delicious that it seems reading about it would just ruin the glow and the mind-rambling daydreams ....
Goat 1: Uh-Oh, here comes that mad scientist again. He has that gleam in his eye.
Goat 2: That isn't a gleam, it's a dollar sign! You should have your eyes tested, I can actually SEE the dollar sign!!
Goat 1: As if it isn't bad enough that they genetically engineered us last week. We've been the laughing stocks of the herd ever since. If someone ever calls me a caricature of Neanderthal goats once more, I'll ... I'll .....
Goat 2: Y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s?
Goat 1: Oh it's just SOOOO embarrassing!
Goat 2: But at least we have better coloring than the rest of the herd.
Goat 1: That's just so the mad scientist & his friends can easily identify us when they want to make us into .... DRUGS. There's a rumor that this would NOT work if we weren't genetically-engineered. If people only KNEW what we'd gone through, all that we've lost, the humiliation, the degradation, the indignity of it all, I just know they'd never want to take this new drug!
Goat 2: Kind of gives new meaning to political correctness, doesn't it? Hey.... what's that big gun doing in the mad scientist's hand????!!!

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