Monday, January 12, 2009

Broken Vow of Silence

Point of comparison: See the fence with vines? That fence is about 5 feet high. A friend from Rhode Island e mailed this morning & said the weatherman there made a comment about ND - that there is no normal weather, only EXTREME weather!

Darling Scarlett, come on, it's time to get up!!!
Scarlett: It's humiliating that you keep sending pictures of my private poop path to your friends and I don't WANT to get up. And you DID vow not to talk about winter anymore on your blog!
But Scarlett, what else IS there!! We live in ND, and right now there is nothing else of interest, except that Wal Mart is closed for 3 days (at least) because of the huge amounts of snow on their roof! And once they are finished with the snow removal, an engineer has to come in to assess possible structural damage!
Scarlett: I don't CARE. You never take me to Wal Mart anyway.
But Scarlett, I DID take you there once and was told to leave unless you were a service dog, "Is THAT a service dog?" And then you DID bark at the guy. I was so unnerved I couldn't even dredge up the courage to say "YES, she is a service dog!" And remember the time I took you to Menard's in the purse carrier? & you barked & barked? And that thing is HEAVY and then with my REAL purse on the other arm that also weighs about 20 lbs. ........
Scarlett: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


CherpND said...

That's my little Scarlett! She's sooooo tewt.

AngelCatPainter said...

So Scarlett does have a mind of her own... Love her accent... maybe she would like to pop on over and visit with Max sometime at:
then click on Healthy Living Community Forum and Max's Mutterings.

Hehehe, go have a little fun, Scarlett!!